ViroVet is a pioneering company dedicated to the development of disruptive and innovative technologies for the control of viral diseases in livestock, with antiviral drugs (video) for respiratory disease complexes and innovative vaccines (video) for viral infections in swine leading the pipeline. 

PLLAV Vaccines

We are developing novel and innovative vaccines using a rather unique technology platform. This technology enables the mass production of inexpensive modified live virus (MLV) vaccines that can be tailor-made to maximize efficacy and minimize safety concerns, while removing the cold chain requirement. We call our vaccines Plasmid Launched Live Attenuated Virus vaccines or PLLAV vaccines.

Antiviral Drugs

We develop fast acting antiviral drugs that are crucial to the effective control and treatment of respiratory diseases of cattle and swine and that will also reduce secondary infections and the associated use of antibiotics. Endemic diseases like BVD and PRRS cost the industry billions of dollars every year. We have an antiviral solution  for new epizootic threats like ASF as well. 

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